Learning from an idiot

  • Remember, an idiot will always be an idiot. You can not change this fact. 
  • True, so should I ignore them?
  • No!. It is the opposite. You can learn a lot from an idiot. Sometimes, you would receive important lessons and knowledge after listening to an idiot.
  • How so?
  • An idiot may be an idiot, but in their ignorance, they would reveal information you have never considered before.
  • But how can I split a helpful insight from their toxins?
  • Embrace your humble heart and listen without any emotion. Just pay attention to the background of their speech without judging them.
  • Like just listening?
  • Exactly! You will be twice as bright and eventually wiser when you learn from an idiot how to not be like them and avoid their mistakes. And guess what? They will continue being an idiot. 

Wisdom is an exercise that demands an essential quota of dedication and effort. The wisdom does not arrive from heaven above. Also, it is crucial to define that living over the years, having grey hair or collecting experiences do not make you wise.

You might be on earth for decades, or even almost a century, and still commit the same mistakes repeatedly. 

  • How many experiences you may collect within a year? Ten? Twenty?. Are those experiences indeed yours?
  • How often have you asked yourself if you are learning from your past and present?
  • When did you last put yourself away and analyze your behaviors as an outsider?

Being wise is an art that demands a humble review of our actions, thoughts, ideas, desires, fears, insecurities, boundaries, and strengths to make a new set of mistakes and not repeat destructive behaviors.

Isaías Blanco.

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