Learning by innovating

  • Why do you study so much? Do you need to study and learn all the time?
  • Learning has been the only way to motivate myself, surpass my limits, and meet my future partners.
  •  There are other ways to do the same, like having a job.
  • Excuse me if I will be rude. This is why you are poor. Meanwhile, my mind is expanding. What is good to you, not necessary, should be good to me, especially if you are happy with your 9-5 following orders of someone else; I am following the voice of my soul, asking for more skills that will embrace my energetic body.
  • Don’t get offended. I…Just…
  • One of the engines of my success lies in the continuous innovation of my professional services. Each new feature, development and enhancement result from each final project. This is a constant investment. If you do not get it, you will remain poor, and your mind will be poor.

While closing that talk with a resounding sentence, I realized that after studying for a Master’s in Data&AI at IE Business School in Madrid, I discovered my creative side through data storytelling and data journalism. But still, more was needed due to several things needing improvement. 

At 38 years old, I can say that I have had a successful SEO career, now AI-Powered, and a millionaire algorithm-valued firm running in the US, but I am sure that it will never be too late to pursue our dreams and go beyond our limits—the future waits for us. 

Isaías Blanco.

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