Write until you feel something

…So you are telling me that you do not feel anything.

– No, I don’t feel my words.

– Have you tried writing about love?

– No, I do not feel love. Love is one of the most complex feelings I can not understand.

– You should write to feel love.

Feelings? If you cannot feel anything, you should write on a piece of paper without holding any emotions. The deepest feelings can not be described with a spoken word. The language of our soul comes from written sentences.

Give yourself a chance to write until you feel something. Do not stop; write down whatever comes to your thoughts. Eventually, like magic, your spirit would start manifesting itself in your words at some point. There, just right there, when you are about to drop what you are writing, is the moment when you will start to feel something.

From there, do not cut yourself. Allow you to keep writing, and you will write your feelings.

– Remember, it is not the same as writing what you feel as feeling what you are writing.

– What?, How?.

– Write. You will understand it in writing. 

Let yourself feel free to make a deal. 

Writing isn’t a bill or a pill. 

Embrace yourself til you make it fulfilled.

Forget about the swirl. Mean it for real.

Isaías Blanco.

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