Why don’t you miss me?

  • Don’t you miss me? Won’t you miss me, right?
  • I will miss the sound of the air if I stay here. I can not miss you because I traded my heart for my compass.
  • What are you talking about?
  • That night, I made a deal with the Universe when I decided to go after wisdom over love.
  • Isaías, this is absurd. Why are you so obsessed with wisdom? Never will be enough for you. Don’t you see it?
  • I traded wisdom over the comfort zone stipulated by society, where you must follow the pattern of surrendering your curiosity to the resignation of “it is impossible to do.”

I remembered that night on that Greek island when I called former goddesses, wisdom spirits, and nature entities to trade paths. Years of research showed me that real love lies in ourselves, our compass, our life’s porpoise, and our determination.

If you do not love yourself enough, you cannot love someone else, most likely never.

  • To miss you, first, I have to love you. But before loving who you are and adoring what you represent, I should first love myself, never to be challenged to change a single feature of myself.
  • What do you mean? How will you change?!
  • Love comes with adaptation. But there is something I have learned through the years. You will urge me to change to keep loving me. And this is why I will not miss you: I do not belong in that place where I am required to change and/or adapt myself to fit what they define as love should be.

After that sequence of sentences, I witnessed how I felt free. Yes, I felt the energy of freedom, which made me recognize what I had learned in that temple.

A free man loves.
A free spirit loves freedom.
A free mind loves freedom and love.
Love is freedom, and freedom is love.
A free spirit loves free minds, free of love chains.

Isaías Blanco.

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