I don’t need your advice

  • Why does everything seem to be so easy for you?
  • What do you mean?
  • Isaías, you are the most fearless person I have ever met. It is incredible how you care about nothing. You are detached from opinions, thoughts, and rules. Are you a rebel? Do you have some traumas from your past?
  • If you call me a rebel for following the voice of my spirit and serving the mission that God set for me, then yes, I am a rebel. Traumas? Some created and shaped my personality after understanding them and learning about the problems.

While I was listening with attention, all of their framed stereotypes, one after the other, crossed the line and turned into their sad spirits, trying to justify themselves.  

  • But you are not telling me why you can’t stay in a place? Being an average person? Having a normal life?
  • Yes, he is right. Why are you traveling all the time? Are you running away?
  • Stop. All of you. What is an ordinary life? What is normal, and your circle telling me what is good, is unnecessary for me. You do not have any right to ask and address any opinion I haven’t asked for. 

Life has taught me never to cut myself and place the intrusive in an adequate space.

  • Do you pay for my tickets, logistics, and accommodation? No! So, if you do not, and I have not asked for your opinion, do not address it.
    What your fears, frustrations, nightmares, and lack of courage tell you don’t apply to me. You don’t have any right to talk, so you better not do it because I respect the Freedom Principle. 
  • This is not normal!
  • Normal? Reality as faith, space and time are quite intime reality interpretations. You will have your opinion about my life, and that’s cool.
    I won’t change it because it’s yours, but I will not invest more energy in explaining myself and talking about myself.
    There are other things to take care of; for example, you should ask if your life is miserable or meditate if you really had a good existence. Your venom won’t affect me because it is sad witnessing how a soul is lost and living in fear. God bless you

That way, without continuing the “talk,” I just took my bag and never talked to them again. Our energy and our mental balance are the primary keys to our self-realization. 

Remember that there is a fine line between education, respect, and preserving our mental peace. More than Buddhism and spirituality, we don’t have any reason to explain ourselves and offer details about our plans, beliefs, and reasons to exist, move, and fight for our dreams with anyone, absolutely nobody. 

Here, it is essential to distinguish peace from manners, education, respect and co-existence. There is no reason to hold a talk with anyone who is judging your life. No matter who you have in front of you, none of them are worth the feeling you will raise trying to justify your decisions. Cut it before it starts! 

You are in the wrong place if your family, couple, friends, partners, and inner circle judge and disrespect your decisions, path, and life. The amount of time and energy you expend will be highly intense trying to change something that will never occur. 

Your feelings and what you interpret/define as true are the opinions that matter to you, especially when you will be responsible for your existence. So live it on your terms.

Isaías Blanco.

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