Punchlines. By Isaías Blanco

About me / Soy Yo.

Hello, Hallo.

First, I must thank you for being part of the minority capable of fighting for the truth and not living influenced by pseudo-influencers.

If you are here reading these words, you have my respect and support because it means that we are on the same page about how to build a healthy Internet for us and our future.

Even knowing the relevance of storytelling, I won’t tell the whole story of my life because it’s mine, and I do not sell my privacy to gain readers or followers. I am not planning to create emotional engagement to sell you later on a course about how to transform your life, achieve your dreams, work from wherever you want, become a digital nomad, or create an incredible portfolio of assets…

The only thing I am proud of the most is that I was born poor in Caracas, Venezuela. Studying, working, and working more hours have been the key to being here, dropping my punchlines.

If I write it, it is because I lived and did what I am talking about.


Primero, debo agradecerte por ser parte de la minoría capaz de luchar por la verdad y no vivir influenciada por pseudo-influencers.

Si está aquí leyendo estas palabras, tienes mi respeto y apoyo porque significa que estamos en la misma página sobre cómo construir un Internet saludable para nosotros y nuestro futuro.

Incluso sabiendo la relevancia de contar historias, no te detallaré la historia de mi vida porque es mía, y no vendo mi privacidad para ganar lectores o seguidores. No planeo crear un lazo emocional para luego venderte un curso sobre cómo transformar tu vida, alcanzar tus sueños, trabajar desde donde quieras, convertirte en un nómada digital o crear una increíble cartera de activos…

Mi mayor orgullo es haber salido de la pobreza. Nací con muy pocos recursos en Caracas, Venezuela. Estudiar, trabajar y trabajar más horas ha sido la clave para estar aquí, dejando caer mis punchlines.

Si lo escribo es porque lo vivo y lo hago.

Professional Profile


IE. Madrid. 2022-2023
Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Postgraduate.

IMF. Madrid – MBA. 2019.

Esco Granada. 2017.
Neuromarketing Master.

La Salle Open University.
2014. Web Development Diploma.

La Salle BCN. 2012.
Branding & Strategy Master.

Universidad Monteávila 2011. Digital Journalism

UCAB. Caracas. 2008.
Mass Media Degree.


Com Academy IEB LLC.
Since 2015.
The United States.

Triumphfy LLC.
Since 2020.
The United States.

Indigo Koncept SL
Since 2018.


More than 1 million dollars sold by SEO campaigns during 2021.

Average over 100k US Dollars in SEO Sales campaigns per month since 2020.

4/10 clients increase SEO sales by 64%


Google Cloud Digital Leader. 2022.

Google Cloud Data Analytics. 2022.

Google Analytics. 2022.

Google Ads. 2022.


AI+Dev {pre-alpha}


Balloon Decoration
Shop-Agency {Beta}

SEO solution.
Sold. 2018

Multimedia Report.
Closed. 2012