My Tenth blog is my Punchline

Now it is time to write. This time I will introduce nine vital lessons learned. Also, I won’t repeat the previous nine mistakes.

As a Search Engine Sales Specialist and Head of SEO + SEO Developing, I have led more than 120 projects in The United States and Europe; but until now, I couldn’t create the perfect ‘punchline’ for myself.

It is particularly intense and strange the mixture of feelings that come to my mind when I try to define a Blog for my personal use, even more, when I would love to optimize every corner of the platform.

But before continuing, Let me give you a short brief about who is behind the Blog Blanco. My name is Isaías Blanco, and since 2008, I have worked as SEO Specialist. As an Optimization professional, I can summarize my career by highlighting that since 2020 my SEO strategies have sold more than $ 1,000,000 per year in the United States for City Balloons Houston.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t determine the perfect formula for myself and my Content. I will not lie because this Blog it’s about telling the truth. After several fails running nine previous blogs (6 in Spanish / 3 in English), I finally learned WHAT NOT TO DO if I want to have a blog that supports my career and my voice.

I tried 23 different styles
and none convinced me

None of the following blog tactics satisfied me with the Content and information I was watching indexed on Google–even having a reasonable rate of visitors per month.

  • Created tutorials
  • Professional Opinions
  • Professional Secrets
  • Career Advice
  • Reviewed Strategies
  • Explained Web Analytics
  • Organized informative webinars not focused on sells-leads
  • Benchmarked digital business
  • Updated Bested practiced
  • Shared templates

Analiticaweb. co and (2013–2018) were my first professional blogs and the necessary benchmarks I had to collect before writing in English. Thanks to Analítica Web, my talent was discovered in Miami.

Then, Tyche and The Success Function (2019–2021) served me to improve my grammar skills in English. These blog prototypes are the direct parent of Blog Blanco in terms of style and style.

Less is More. Agree with that powerful sentence. After reviewing my past lessons, I can conclude that a simple UX/UI works in a parallel timeline different from the Content.

Less is More. Agree with that powerful sentence. After reviewing my past lessons, I can conclude that a simple UX/UI works in a parallel timeline different from the Content.

I am not trying to diminish its value in the Blog Structure because the UX/UI is the key to Usability and the direct conversion’s foundation. However, when we plan to launch a new blog, the purpose of the information should have a significant added value.

And it’s precisely the Content, of each post, that is the biggest lesson I learned until now. Whether you write a professional post, academic essay or personal statement, every phrase should inspire, teach, guide, reveal, benchmark, approach, explain and define how to solve situations or report clear insights.

But, What about personal Blogs? Almost all successful domains I have checked do the same listed above. Even an informal content curation added to a first-person writing style may develop a significant proxemic environment.

What is the goal of the Blog Blanco?
(it took me ten years to discover it)

The goal is this Blog is to concentrate on giving power to my voice and sharing with the world the authentic reality of any Digital Specialist trying to reach “The Elite. Publishers”.

Here I must distinguish between fame and professional awards because I am not trying to be famous or a recognized influencer. A difference in my core goal among other ideas, the concept is based on sharing my thoughts, experiences and challenges without any pretension.

The Internet contains experts, gurus, advisors, life coaches and healthy advisors. And honestly, bragging never has been one of my qualities. I prefer underground movement beyond the mainstream, where the real money is ‘on da’ game.’

These lines result from a decade of continuous lessons, challenges and ongoing learning. Finally, in 2022, when I remembered my first days coursing a Master’s in Barcelona (2011–2012), my brain was able to synthesize the porpoise of a blog — -Tell your story on your way without expecting to be famous or a millionaire. Just Write as a therapy.

Why in English?

Since 1998 and 2008, my primary dream has been to become a bilingual English speaker. I am working daily on improving my grammatical and phonetic skills to sound and write as I do in Spanish–the mother tongue I love and the tool I used to write two books and publish +100 Opinion articles in Newspapers around the world.


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