Punchlines. By Isaías Blanco

Dear WordPress, I shouldn’t leave you

Wordpress is better than Squarespace for blogging

I tried to use SquareSpace to launch an immersive content strategy based on “punchlines,” but it is not the same. WordPress, more than a tool, is a language itself to create remarkable content hybrid strategies.

I had left the platform less than a month ago, convinced that SquareSpace was the most suitable option for my professional blog. However, after using and creating five articles, I discovered that its platform could have been more accurate for blogging.

Even though SquareSpace has shown me the best performance among Google indexation index on all the projects I am working on, there are more optimized environments to write, post and publish professional articles.

But before continuing, it is worth mentioning that SquareSpace has an incredible indexation and ranking performance rate for Landing Pages, Cooperative Websites, Project showcases and Personal Portfolios. SquareSpace’s core engine is a potent tool capable of competing with custom developments.

In the beginning, I noticed that Squarespace’s blogging workflow was more intricate in terms of optimization, scalability, and navigation through tabs/options and needed to be simplified. On average, I spent more than 50 mins per post than I used to do using WordPress.

As the Skyzoo’s song says, “My pops said timing is money ain’t it?, I prayed over my watch and promised I wouldn’t waste it…” 50 mins per post mean a critical time not well managed because if each position would demand almost an hour per publication, there is no sense.

So after a huge internal debate, I prioritized my strategic goals over the esthetic and comfort that SquareSpace represented. I will acknowledge that SS’ has such a beautiful drag-and-drop design which can save time crafting websites for brands, products or services. But in terms of content, it lacks the CMS core engine.

My pops said timing is money ain’t it?, I prayed over my watch and promised I wouldn’t waste it

Skyzzo – One in the Same. Produced by Apollo Brown – The Easzy true Album. 2016.

Why haven’t I migrated to Ghost?

The Lean Startup philosophy plus a Data-Driven (new) mindset showed me that if my goal is based just on blogging and creating an “Indie Journal” as a non-commercial showcase of my ideas, I should not invest $400/year in Ghost.

I decided to follow the MVP rule (Minimum Viable Product) as the primary reference for my Indie Blog instead of an extended investment in Ghost, images, and digital resources to handcraft a unique platform.

Despite all the awesome Ghost’s features, at this point, where I want to post my ideas and tell my perspectives personally, a simple WordPress site managed by the Twenty-Two theme is more than enough.

Moreover, WordPress’s simplicity in managing posts between tabs or meta-data access has been the key to more than ten scheduled posts. I had to leave the Gutenberg editor and try another environment to understand why its design improves the quality of content.

In conclusion, this experience proved that SquareSpace is for Landing Page curation or Fashion Industry eCommerce. In contrast, WordPress is a “Kraken” hybrid, which can be used as CMS or whatever you want to code.

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